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Leading Edge Sciences Gasoline Training
Benefits to You
Leading Edge Sciences offers training to automobile sales and service teams, fleet managers and service personnel, and automobile customers. Read more about objectives specific to these groups.
As a result of taking this gasoline training, participants will be able to provide cost effective service solutions for their customers which will improve vehicle performance and diagnostic effectiveness.
About the course
The Leading Edge Sciences Gasoline Training is currently offered as either a two day program for engineers and technical service personnel or a one day program for automotive service managers and service writers. The content of the training is a culmination of extensive research from, and up-to-date access to, key industry players, such as: EPA, ASTM, SAE, and the Clean Cities Coalition.
Access to the most up-to-date and high level information available in the petroleum industry is a vital component of the training offered. The preparation of this training was self-funded and is unbiased in its presentation and recommendations.

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Leading Edge Sciences
Transportation Fuel Consulting
Leading Edge Sciences founder, James Russo, currently offers expert training and consulting in transportation fuels, including gasoline, diesel and ethanol as well as automobile and fleet fluid maintenance programs.
Given the increasing cost of gasoline, the increasing number of vehicles on the road and increasing commute times, combined with federal and state mandates to clean up air quality, consumers are looking to automobile manufacturers and service personnel for solutions. This creates an outstanding opportunity for increasing customer sales, retention and satisfaction by providing strategic service programs for vehicle maintenance.
The long-term aim is to develop "quantum leap" technologies and strategies that will provide Americans with greater freedom of mobility and energy security, while lowering costs and reducing impacts on the environment.
Look to the future
Over the next decade, gasoline will become one of the most significant factors in our global economy and environment. The variations in gasoline products, plans towards alternative fuels and increasing political involvement are part of what makes the fuel industry complex.

Why Gasoline Training?
The Leading Edge Sciences Gasoline Training addresses the significant and relevant topics relating to vehicle efficiency and air quality. Its objective is to increase the awareness and technical understanding of the critical need to keep automobile and truck engines clean.
(c) 2007-2016 James Russo, Leading Edge Sciences, LLC
Key Issues and Characteristics of Gasoline
Leading Edge Sciences Gasoline Training provides the relevant information in an understandable format. Key issues and characteristics of gasoline, such as: octane requirement increase, engine deposits, volatility and gasoline blending formulations will be presented thoroughly along with discussion of their practical applications. Current and upcoming gasoline regulations relating to ethanol and other gasoline additives, which directly impact vehicle performance, will be demystified. Troubleshooting real world challenges will also be part of the program.

Outline of Gasoline Training
Stakeholders and Key Issues Impacting Transportation Fuel
*Supply and Demand
*Standards, Policies and Regulations
*Evaporative and Exhaust Emissions
*Additives, RFG, MTBE, Low Sulfur, Bio-Fuels

Gasoline Fundamentals, Components and Characteristics
*Refining, Blending and Volatility
*Octane, Knocking and Drivability
*ORI, Additives and Oxygenates

Service Plan Recommendations to the Customer
*Keeping the engine clean
*Gasoline recommendations

To schedule training, contact fuel@LeadingEdgeSciences.com